Coach David Alexander

I have been training and coaching Fighters, High School Athletes, Kids, Grandmas and Non-Athletes for years.  Before moving to San Juan Island, I owned an MMA and CrossFit gym in beautiful Kingman, AZ and had a stable of fighters (adult and youth) who fought for our fight team in MMA, Muay Thai and Grappling which has helped me to develop as a trainer and coach.  What makes a great coach is knowledge of the sport, how to build a training program to reach the goals of the athlete or team and a passion & desire to pass on that knowledge.  In addition to my own training I am a consummate student, obsessive researcher & reader and am constantly learning and developing my training methods.  In addition to extensive Diet (Paleo Nutrition Certification by Biochemist/Author Robb Wolf) and Strength & Conditioning (Certified CrossFit Coach and Barbell Strength Training Technique and Programming) studies and seminars, I have spent thousands of hours studying Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Barbell Training Techniques and Programming, Vital Point Targeting, MMA, BJJ, Grappling, Boxing, Karate, and Muay Thai training methods and fights in person, television, DVD, YouTube, Instructional DVD’s, Downloads and extensive reading.  I have talked with some of the best fighters and coaches from around the world (see PICTURES) and have attended many of the best seminars.  Needless to say, I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on my pursuit to put together the absolute best training programs in the world!  In addition to studying MMA I have also become an expert and do seminars ( in REAL Self Defense and how to destroy the human machine.  I have used this extra knowledge and expertise to add a unique twist on how to destroy an opponent in the sport of MMA (“Plays” and “Targets”) see at  In the end, all that matters are results.  If you can learn a few great techniques and strategies that help you get to the next level of your Strength & Conditioning/Weight Loss goals or Fight Career, then I have done my job!

Martial Arts and Self Defense Training:  I have studied and trained in Vital Point Strikes by Sang H. Kim, Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gracie Combatives, Target Focus Training by Tim Larkin, Combatives for Street Survival by Kelly McCann, The Self Defense Company Training System by Damian Ross, Reality Based Personal Protection by Jim Wagner, Street Fighting Uncaged and Killer Instinct (Fight Moves for Extreme Survival) with Jeff Anderson and Richie Grannon, Contemporary Fighting Arts by Sammy Franco, British SAS Fight Secrets with Bob Spour and more…

Strength and Conditioning Training:  I have been a Certified CrossFit Coach since 2008 and owned an MMA and CrossFit “Box” in Beautiful Kingman, AZ.  During that time I have also studied and trained students in Barbell Strength Training Techniques and Programming using knowledge from Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, Getting equipment advice by Glenn Pendlay and studying articles and videos from Bill Starr, Lon Kilgore, Mehdi Hadim and many many others.  I have trained 5 Year Olds, High School Athletes, Professional Fighters and Grandma’s to get strong, lose or gain weight, and to feel great.

More than you’ll ever need to know about me…
-4 Years College Baseball Pitcher for Glendale Community College, Tabor College and Washburn University (Course of Study:  Criminal Justice)
–KCAC/NAIA Division Champions 1990 (Tabor College).  Still hold many pitching records at Tabor College
-2 Seasons Semi-Professional Baseball for the Topeka Owls
-Former PGA Working Golf Professional (Apprentice) and Head Golf Professional.
-Former Coach, Fighter and Cornerman for the Champion Fight Team
-1st Place:  1992 All Topeka Martial Arts Tournament
-1st Place: Champion Fight Team 2009 NAGA World Grappling Championships (Director Division)
–2nd Place:  Champion Fight Team 2010 Grapplers Quest at the UFC Fan Expo (Masters Division)
-4th Place:  Champion Fight Team 2010 Desert Quest Grappling Championships (Gi)
-4th Place:  Champion Fight Team 2010 Desert Quest Grappling Championships (No Gi)
-Certified CrossFit Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
-Certified Nutrition by Biochemist and Author Robb Wolf (
-Extensive Strength Training Knowledge and Experience in Technique and Programming
-Additional college credits in Kinesiology, Biology and Anatomy
-Certificate in Austrian Economics from the Mises Academy
-Husband of one (Dr. Lisa) and Father of two (AJ & Christian)

-Creator of David Alexander Productions (Direct and Produce web commercials and self help DVD’s)
-Creator of “How to STOP Bullying without Violence for Boys and Girls ages 7 – 16”
-Creator of and Author of DAVID’S DIET:  Lose Weight Fast — No Exercise Required!  Just one man’s very opinionated opinion on diet and exercise.
-Creator of ”When you’re in a fight for your life, you better know how to win!”
-Creator of ”The Most Unique MMA Curriculum in the World….and it’s FREE!”
-Creator of ”The Future of MMA”
-Creator of the B.E.T. Self Defense System “You Can B.E.T. Your Life On It!”  and the 2-Disc DVD Set “How to Survive a Violent Attack
-Creator of ”How to Defeat a Rapist and Survive a Violent Attack”
-Local Training at Friday Harbor, WA (San Juan Island).  See at “Strength & Conditioning, Real Self Defense and Nutrition”

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